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OpenWISP Support Channels

Need help? You can get in touch with us through different channels, depending on the nature of your question, see below.

Mailing list

The mailing list is suited for broad discussions, asking for clarifications, announcements and any other question that is not suited for stackoverflow.

Join the OpenWISP Mailing List


If you prefer discussions in a forum-style, you can use our mailing list as a forum too.

Jump in the OpenWISP Forum

Live Chat

For quick questions or live debugging you can join the #openwisp channel on freenode (does not require authentication), you can join in different ways.

  • Join #openwisp on with your favourite IRC client
  • via gitter (a bridge between IRC and gitter is in place)
  • using the matrix-IRC bridge via
  • via web at

If nobody can reply to your questions while you are there, send your questions on other asynchronous support channles (forum, mailing list, stackoverflow).

Join chat via IRC Join chat via (matrix protocol) Join chat via


If you are a developer, you may also want to open an issue or a pull request on github, see also contributing.

OpenWISP Github Organization


As of March 2017, we created an OpenWISP tag on

Use this method if your question is very technical and may have a single, definitive, best answer.

Asking questions on stackoverflow using the openwisp tag will help the project to gain popularity, therefore we ask you to use this method whenever possible.

We also suggest to insert more tags depending on the technologies involved in your question, eg: openwrt, LEDE, python, django, ruby, rails, freeradius, lua, ecc).

Ask a question on StackOverflow