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Who is involved in the OpenWISP project?

Core Development Team

Federico Capoano
actively involved in wireless community networks, openwisp and open source; he is a hybrid between a developer and a designer. He currently enjoys implementing the NetJSON specification in django and OpenWRT.

Ilaria de Marinis
she is working at CINECA and has been member of the Technical Scientific Committee of IDEM since 2007. Her interests lie in Ruby on Rails and in the OpenWisp Captive Portal.

Riccardo Bloise
he's focused on developing the firmware and deploying OpenWISP to various clients. He often enjoys testing network performance and testing new wifi hardware.

Dario Mastropasqua
netadmin and software developer; he is currently focused on improving the Captive Portal.

Claudio Mignanti
former OpenWRT core developer, he joined the OpenWISP core team in the summer of 2015 contributing mainly on firmware packaging, improving existing firmware features and creating an automated testing enviroment.
He is currently working for Unidata as R&D Engineer in the field of system integration and hardware manufacturing. in he was also involved in OpenWRT as core developer. Find him also on Linkedin and Github.

Claudio Valenti
he is working for Unidata as Network Engineer and is involved in OpenWISP as firmware developer and network tester.
Find him also on Github.

Board of Advisors

Maurizio Goretti
Has been a board member and NaMeX's CEO since 2000. His current research interests include: Inter-ISP networking, Internet Exchange Point, Datacenter and Wi-Fi architectures and security.

Davide Guerri
Designed and developed the first public release of the OpenWISP platform in 2008. Former CTO of the OpenWISP project, he has been working for HP in Bristol, UK since October 2013.

Francesco Loriga
Electronic engineer. Keen on networks, internet and openness. He believes to be the project Open Source Strategist although no one has appointed him as such. Wannabe rebetico musician.

Former developers

Andrea Ferraresi
when he was working at CASPUR, his efforts were mainly focused on OpenWISP Firmware and OpenWISP Manager.

Matteo Latini
Matteo contributed to OpenWISP with his web developer skills: Ruby on Rails, jQuery and HTML5.